February 06, 2011

Woot Woot, it's a party!

I've recently celebrated my 21st birthday! On the actual day, a trip down to Toronto to take part in Steven & Chris, where I was gifted with Canadian Living Magazine & SwissTec Eye Make-up remover (I haven't uploaded the pictures yet).

Then, yesterday I invited some of my closet friends for dinner. Since, my friend Clinton's birthday was comming up we teamed up and shared the cake.
So, as a thank you to my friends I was ambitious and decided to cook Julia Child's Beef Bourguinon. Inspired by the movie, Julie & Julia, I spent all afternoon in the kitchen! I followed the recipe from, Tablespoon.com, which ended up being more than enough for 10 people.

But due to availability & time-restraints, I used regular bacon, instead of lardon; omitted the bouquet garni & small onions, and skipped the whole part about cleaning the dutch oven after the 3-4 hrs. Not pictured, but I cooked the mushrooms dumped it in, and served. And, after all the hard-work I'm not sure if it was all worth it... it tasted ok. It is hard to make a judgement on the recipe, since I made some alterations, but unless I've got help in the kitchen or someone else is making it for me, then I'll give it another try.

The dinner was potluck style, so the other dishes included shanghai spring rolls, meat balls, pizza, and Martin & Ryan's contribution... salted cod.
When Ryan and I were shopping for ingredients for the beef bourguinon, he found salted cod, which looks a lot like the fish that I brought back for him from the Philippines the last time I went. I forgot the name, but it's some sort of preserved fish that you toss in a pan then serve. Once we brought it home, we did a quick google search, and this is what we found.
Doesn't it look delicious!?! So Martin & Ryan got started on that, here's what happened...
They became pancakes rather than fritters :)

And here's the rest of the pictures from the night...

My sous chefs hard at work. The cake, btw is Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet cake topped with a chocolate ganache. The cake was done by me. The icing was done by Ryan & Martin, who read the recipe and asked if it was Hindu because they read it as Ganesh (the Hindu diety, shaped like an elephant). Then, decorated by Justine & Janelle. My brother and his girlfriend, Kristel were the managers, so they stood and watched.

After the food was eaten and the candles blown, we decided to play a game of pictionary, and Pooh took it to the "Xtreme"...

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