February 19, 2011

When Girl's Kick Butt..

They do so with swords, guns, and explosions, not to mention looking so darn cute to boot. Ex, Sucker Punch

The movie is about a desperate young woman named Babydoll (Emily Browning), who, thanks to her evil stepfather, is locked up in a grim mental hospital with a lascivious guard (Oscar Isaac) and a soon-to-arrive lobotomy specialist (Jon Hamm).
But Babydoll and four fellow inmates (Jena MaloneVanessa HudgensJamie Chung andAbbie Cornish) fight for their freedom in startling fantasy battle zones, among them one inspired by feudal Japan and another evoking World War I trenches.
I love the styling of the film as it blends video games, comic books and anime all into a live-action series. And, I'm loving the way Emily Browning from the Series of Unfortunate Events movie is looking like a kick-ass Alice (in Wonderland).

And since we're on the topic of action films...

Amazing, right?

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