January 05, 2011

Do You Believe?

I'd don't know what your take on aliens are, but i'm a believer!
fr Above Top Secret

History.com has this series called Ancient Aliens, and it's crazy to see how history as a collective whole of nations tells the same story. Ancient Aliens goes into saying that the story is that aliens shaped civilizations. There's just so many unexplainable events and descriptions of contact with god, where god has to be some sort of extraterrestrial.

The show focuses on deciphering ancient text, but it also includes these incredible stories of recent alien encounters.
- 2 army officers ordered investigate sightings of strange lights in the woods find some sort of triangular craft being the source of the lights. Upon touching the object, one of the officers is given a vision of 6 pages worth of binary codes. After reporting to their superiors and told to forget the entire incident fearing ridicule they kept their story to themselves. Continually haunted by their experience 30 yrs later they seek to decipher the code, and it reveals a message... dun dun dun.. you can watch the episode "Alien Contact" if you want to find out
fr National Geographic

- a recently discovered underwater structure off the coast of Japan (forgot the name) was very debated as to what it was, and whether or not it was man-made. But, looking at the footage of the structure you can see the 90 deg angles and pyramid stacking of blocks that just doesn't occur naturally. Some people can even see actual buildings and roads! Now, going on the theory that it's an ancient city, it's been dated to have been built  at a time when the technology was impossible because we we're still cave people!
[You can read a brief description of the controversy here at National Geographic.]

If you got the time, watch for yourself they some pretty crazy things that I can't help but believe.
Here's the linkhttp://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens.
[Just click on the 'watch online...' link. They've got 2 episodes up from season 2.]

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