December 31, 2010

Cooking with Miss Dahl for a Potluck

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Yesterday Pooh & I hosted a potluck for our highschool friends. It didn't end up being as large as a group as expected where our contribution of stir-fry was massive, so now half of it is sitting in the fridge. The original plan was to post a how-to on the stir-fry recipe from "Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights" cookbook. But, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product! The recipe, however was easy enough to follow simply heat oil toss in vegetables & tofu then let it cook in a soy sauce & apple cidar vinegar sauce. Since our batch was so huge, Ryan & Martin who were the ones in charge of all the cooking (I only cut the tofu actually, they did everything else) accidentally went overboard with the soy sauce. Therefore, when eating it it's best to eat with a ton of rice to help combat the salt. Nontheless, a job well done on their part because it was still delicious.

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On the other hand, all I can say of the cookbook so far is that the presentation is gorgeous. The durable cover and pages are able to withstand my abuse of trying to keep the book open on the right page and the mess I create in the kitchen. The colour in the photos and patterned pages evoke a vintage feel and a sense of whimsy that perfectly complements Miss Dahl's style of writing. The typography itself is clean and simple, the photos aren't overstyled to look like impossible feats in cooking, thus highlighting how unfussy cooking is to her.

The recipes are divided amongst seasons, then meal-times where her focus is not only what is fresh for the season, but on the mood & associations the foods bring. I especially enjoyed how each season and recipe is accompanied with funny anecdotes that take you through her inspirations and experiences in life as she learns to balance food and diet. As I too try to find that balance, the book is my reminder to simply enjoy food.

Later, after a few more recipes, I'll really be able to say whether or not it was her food I was enjoying.

And, as aside, I'm in love with her kitchen. I've read it's not her own, but that doesn't mean that one day it can't be mine.
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